Our Solution

Risk Stratification

Triad Care combines real-time biometric screening data with qualitative results from our custom health risk assessment to identify risks and stratify clients into the most appropriate course of care. Our thorough algorithm ensures clients are matched with the most effective providers and interventions to maximize healthcare outcomes as well as employee engagement.

Preventative Wellness

Triad Care prioritizes prevention through a comprehensive range of services designed to promote healthy lifestyles and lasting behavior change.  Our registered dietitians provide customized nutritional counseling with an emphasis on individual preferences and real-life solutions.  We also offer immunization clinics, activity challenges, smoking cessation coaching, and group classes.

Onsite Clinic

Triad Care provides onsite health clinics for groups of clients who would benefit from auxiliary services.  Our team of nurse practitioners and physician assistants work in collaboration with the wellness team to provide primary care, acute and episodic care, disease management, DOT physicals, agility testing, and lab work as appropriate.

Pharmacy Benefits

As a Pharmacy Benefits Manager, Triad Care is unparalleled in providing complete cost transparency.  Unlike the standard PBMs in the industry, all of our fees, rebates, and reimbursement rates are fully disclosed to our clients, allowing for the most cost-effective treatment plans.  Our clinical pharmacists work closely with clients to customize solutions and optimize outcomes.  

Disease Management

Triad Care transforms the management of chronic conditions by minimizing the barriers to treatment through our healthcare concierge model that consistently improves clinical outcomes.  Our skilled and personable clinical pharmacists and registered dietitians offer disease education, medication therapy management, and medical nutritional therapy to help clients optimize self-care.

Data Analytics

At Triad Care, we monitor the effectiveness of our program by both clinical outcomes and financial return on investment.  Our innovative analytics allow us to measure changes in risk strata among clients, as well as identify qualitative trends and opportunities for further improvements to assist employers in their efforts to control healthcare spending.

Additional Services

Corporate Culture

Triad Care leverages technology to assist employers in creating and implementing competitions and wellness challenges that engage all participants.

Online Portal

Our HIPAA compliant patient portal provides individuals and groups access to their medical records as well as real time clinical reporting.  

Medication Synchronization

Triad Care coordinates the delivery of a 90-day supply of all maintenance medications to maximize patient adherence to their prescription regimen.